One line of code is all it takes.

Configure your site in the dashboard and copy the generated single line of code into your site. Really, that's it. Once online, make any modifications in your dashboard. No code updates!

Instant Results

The second your site is online with the single line of auto generated code, your custom analytic data will be available.

Charts Galore

Choose from templates or create your own rules and display preferences. All in an easy to use dashboard.

Single Line Magic

Web analytics does not have to be hard and with Simplytics, add one line of code and you are good to go. That's it.

Super Secure

Your analytic data is encrypted at above industry standards. In fact, your data is so secure we can’t even see it!

Hotspot Analytics

With Hotspot Analytics, you can see exactly how your users are interacting with your site thanks to data never before attainable.

Custom Alerts

Customize alert, warning, and achievement notifications to send out in real time to as many or as few people you want.

Simplytics will help your site grow.

The ultimate scalable solution. One line of code is all it takes to get bleeding edge user interface analytics. Whether you are tracking blog interactions, cupcake sales, or managing an international ecommerce site—Simplytics has you covered!

In real time, see what parts of your site are used most. Diagnose issues and build a better user interface with our automated scans featuring machine learning. Tweak your site and see how your users react.

Super Simple Pricing.



1 User Account

1 Domain

Free Support



5 User Account

Up to 2 Domains

24/7 Rapid Support

Custom Dashboard



10 User Account

Up to 3 Domains

24/7 Premiere Support

Custom Dashboard

Optimization Consultation

Prioritized CDN


Contact For Pricing

11+ User Account

4+ Domains

24/7 Premiere Support

Custom Dashboard

Optimization Consultation

Prioritized Private CDN

Custom Intergrations

All pricing is based on annual billing. Month-to-month billing is available. Personal is $19 billed month-to-month. Team is $99 billed month-to-month. Company is $399 billed month-to-month. All pricing is subject to change without notice. We try to keep this chart as up to date as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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